Delivering Next Generation Stormwater Technology To Enable Cost-Effective Compliance.

The reality of the marketplace is that new solutions, if we want them to be drivers of change, must not only be better than familiar, outmoded solutions but also be more cost effective. Convergent Water Technologies is committed to an innovation-based approach to managing stormwater quality and stormwater quantity.

New Paradigm Ahead

Convergent is enabling the brightest minds in our universities, engineering firms and elsewhere; together we will give rise to new answers to some of our most critical water-related problems. Basic research dollars and grants are shrinking just when we need answers most, but new revenue streams from products and solutions can reverse the funding drain and provide a platform for expanding research and development by innovators whose new ideas can be incorporated into products and solutions.

Delivering High Performance Best Management Practices Require Solutions-Oriented Distribution

We believe that high performance solutions must be backed by a problem solving distribution model.

Stormwater InnovationInnovative products and systems are just the start. New ideas are critical, but moving them successfully into the marketplace is equally important. Solving problems, on the ground and across the country, Convergent Water Technologies’ Value Added Resellers (VARs) bring a solutions-oriented, systems approach to dealing with stormwater problems.

This model delivers innovation and value in a way that the ‘or equal’ model never has. Dominated by drainage-focused manufacturers, ours is an industry ill-equipped to deliver the kind of innovation required to deal with the critical water problems which loom
ever closer on the horizon.

Convergent’s national network of uniquely qualified resellers understand how to market solutions; as Value Added Resellers (VARs), a term borrowed from the earliest days of the Personal Computer revolution, they take a solutions-oriented, systems approach to solving stormwater problems.

This Convergent VAR network gives stormwater innovators a new distribution channel made up of deeply experienced stormwater focused resellers. They not only understand the process, but they have the experience and the diverse partnerships required to carry it out.