Keep your biofilters, bioretention and subsurface infiltration systems clean.

side-box-pretx-2Extend the operating life and reduce the maintenance burden of biofiltration systems by filtering out trash and debris at the inlet.

PRETX has a 1-2 year return on investment by reduction of biofilter maintenance if used in locations with moderate to high trash and debris load such as commercial and residential areas.

PRETX enables the simplified maintenance of biofiltration systems at the inlet in an accessible location with no special equipment required. The absence of a pre-filter may allow trash and debris to prematurely clog the biofilter media or infiltration bed. The rapid accumulation of trash and debris can require frequent maintenance for aesthetics in high loading land uses and reduce the media filtration rate. Installation is simple and would be comparable to common catch basins and grates and requires no special tools or training.

PRETX is made of pre-cast concrete, HDPE, and stainless steel and is resistant to rust and rot from corrosive winter runoff.


Maintenance of PRETX is simple and utilizes standard vacuum trucks for catch basin cleaning; simply remove the inspection cover and remove debris by use of pressure washer and vacuum.


  • PRETX is available in two models that manage most biofilter inlet configurations: Curb and Drop.
  • PRETX Curb is for edge of pavement runoff at a curb cut in replace of a stone spreader.
  • PRETX Drop is for use as a drop inlet configuration along a curb line and would be installed with a standard drop inlet grate.
  • PRETX is sized to pretreat water quality flows and bypass larger. This keeps the size of the system smaller than if it were to pretreat larger flows that have minimal trash and debris.
  • PRETX can be used both in retrofit or new installations.

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