PhosphoReduc Filtration Media (PRM) is an exceptional sustainable green product that transforms industrial waste product into cutting edge clean water technology used to enhance phosphorus reduction in products designed and used to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff, including “green” and “grey” infrastructure systems and provides a new generation of green P fertilizers.  

Phosphorus pollution in urban stormwater runoff negatively impacts the environment and is a major contribution to water quality impairment. As new stormwater regulations push MS4’s toward more strict TMDL compliance, removal of critical pollutants such as Phosphorus will become a more important component of watershed planning.

PRM is a modified steel slag aggregate that has a long treatment lifespan, handles a wide diversity of P concentrations and efficiently reduces P from various flow rates, with minimal land requirement and is easily combined with existing drainage and treatment systems.

PRM has the highest phosphorus retention capacity compared to other materials used in commercial products and has the benefit of naturally rejuvenating its P retention capacity during dry cycles, prolonging life expectancy and increasing cost efficiency.  Ideal for stormwater applications, PRM has a wide variety of implementation options, including as an add-on element for High Performance Bioretention Systems, as a blanket over traditional bioretention systems, storage aggregate under advanced permeable pavement systems, as a component of inlet based treatment systems, and as an element of an in-line pipe-based system for retrofit or new construction.

In addition to providing a sustainable solution to P pollution, PRM can be recycled at its end of life as a pollutant removal tool, to be used as a phosphorus rich soil amendment for acid mine reclamation, forestry, horticulture and landscaping.

Phosphorus harvesting, recycling and re-use is particularly important given increasing concern over world P reserves decline and its potential impacts on food prices and food security.

With an exclusive license to use the recyclable phosphorus filtration media PhosphoReduc Technologies has created, Convergent Water Technologies is delivering a sustainable solution to improving the performance of products designed and used to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff.