FocalPoint Biofiltration System

Next Generation Low Impact Development

FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System for filtration of stormwater and utilizes physical, chemical and biological mechanisms of a soil, plant and microbe complex to remove pollutants typically found in urban stormwater runoff. The modular treatment system in which biologically active biofiltration media, is used as a complete, integrated system designed to be placed in Square Foot or per Unit increments to treat contaminated runoff from impervious surfaces. 

FocalPoint is a scalable biofiltration system which combines the efficiency of high flow rate engineered soils with the durability and modularity of a highly pervious open cell underdrain/storage/infiltration system. While originally developed as proprietary technology, these systems are also available in a tightly specified generic format.

FocalPoint’s next generation biofiltration media, developed by Larry Coffman, the creator of Low Impact Development, is the key to its high performance. This advanced media technology provides high flow rates, pollutant removal rates consistent with traditional bioretention, and the option of increased removal characteristics for specific pollutant targets.

Media flow rate impacts system performance in all aspects, from scale and cost-effectiveness, to factors of safety, longevity and maintenance minimization. Infiltration flow rates for FocalPoint standard media exceed 100” per hour. Convergent guarantees it, and we prove it, through post-installation, and annual onsite verification testing. We also maintain it at no additional cost for the first year.

We’ll even provide long term maintenance under contract, if it’s desired. Wouldn’t it be nice if all stormwater product manufacturers stood behind their products as faithfully?

Although possibly counter intuitive, the science of high flow rate biofiltration media is well understood. FocalPoint’s implementations began in 2009 in Texas, and now reach across the U.S. 

Modular High Performance Underdrain

To optimize the application of high performance biofiltration media in BMP design, it’s important to match the media with a high performance underdrain. If that underdrain is modular in nature, the benefits are even greater. FocalPoint’s modular open cell underdrain system, unlike traditional underdrains, not only supports the flow rate of the media, but can be expanded beyond the footprint of the media bed to provide unlimited underground detention, infiltration and/or storage for water reuse.

By combining high flow rates and modularity, FocalPoint can be used in spaces too small to support traditional biofiltration, such as high density urban redevelopment. Application options for FocalPoint are virtually unlimited.

FocalPoint Bio-Filtration Systems