Cost Effective, High Performing Solutions give stormwater designers and owners the results they need.

Applying innovation to stormwater solutions cost effectively, are core values for Convergent Water Technologies product development. With sustainable site design and low impact development practices as guiding principles, our high performance technologies create products and systems that mimic and protect the natural environment, while driving down the cost of meeting ever increasing environmental regulations.

Not content with the old model, we create sustainable stormwater solutions to effectively manage stormwater runoff and improve stormwater quality. At the same time, Convergent Water Technologies brings:

  • Quality Assurance,
  • Consistency and
  • Quality Control,
  • Performance Verification and
  • Measurable Results

to Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development concepts which have not historically been burdened with or benefited from these most basic elements of success. We not only guarantee performance, but we go to great lengths to raise the bar for manufacturers of stormwater best management practices, by offering post-construction verification and maintenance services to assure long-term performance.


FocalPoint: Next Generation Low Impact Development

FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System for filtration of stormwater and utilizes physical, chemical and biological mechanisms of a soil, plant and microbe complex to remove pollutants typically found in urban stormwater runoff. The modular treatment system in which biologically active biofiltration media, is used as a complete, integrated system.

smartPOND: Automated Detention & Drainage System

Our weather is constantly changing, yet our stormwater controls remain the same. smartPOND takes passive stormwater controls and gives them brains, allowing for either pre-programmed stormwater pond management that actively measures and releases stormwater to match your regulatory regime, as well as application-based real time control that allows you to retain or release water at the tip of your fingers.

PRETX: Pretreatment Biofilter

PRETX is available in several different configurations, enables the simplified maintenance of green infrastructure systems at the inlet in a deep sump catch basin that is accessible and requires no specialized maintenance equipment.

Helix: High-Flow Filter System

The Helix is a next generation, high-flow, stormwater filter that can be housed in a vault or installed directly into an outfall pipe. When applied with antimicrobial media it can treat bacteria at a large scale.

Beehive Filter: Rain Garden Overflow System

The Beehive (or Rain Garden Overflow) Filter prevents erosion and protects rain gardens from coarse floatables (such as mulch, organic materials and trash) that could lead to clogging and possibly flooding.

Down Spout: Filters Rooftop Runoff

The Down Spout Filter is designed to treat particulates and soluble pollutants contained in runoff water from roof tops.

StormBasin: Captures and Retains Catch Basin Pollutants

The StormBasin is designed to capture and retain stormwater catch basin pollutants namely: sediment, trash, vegetation, nutrients, coliform bacteria, oil/grease and dissolved metals (e.g., lead, copper, cadmium and chromium).