VAR Connection

Changing Stormwater Products Distribution

In the early days of the personal computing industry it became clear that PC technology was of little value if it wasn’t packaged to solve a problem. The rapid pace of computer technology development resulted in increasingly powerful hardware without a clear purpose. That industry was rationalized and energized by the evolution of the Value Added Reseller (VAR). VAR’s solved problems and in the process created whole new industries. They combined PCs with other hardware, software and unique components to create new classes of systems that solved problems and created new opportunities for efficiency and growth theretofore unavailable. From electronic cash registers to factory floor automation systems, from word processing to Computer Automated Design, and beyond; in every case, the solution delivered by the VAR was far more valuable than the sum of its parts.

The evolution of the VAR in the stormwater industry will have two important outcomes. First will be a stormwater industry that comes to understand the ‘innovate or die’ mentality of the tech industry. In three short decades computing moved from massive data centers to nearly everyone’s pocket, purse or briefcase; we believe that a stormwater industry re-energized around a similar focus might actually come up with solutions to our seemingly unsolvable water crisis.

Second, the VAR evolution will bring a creative market delivery system that insures that the solutions fit the needs and that they deliver the value that makes them cost-effective and viable answers to our needs.

Delivering high performance best management practices requires solutions-oriented distribution.

Stormwater companies with a VAR-like focus are few and far between. Innovators have historically had to go it alone or sell out to the big players with no real hope of market penetration. Convergent is changing that, and we expect the result to be as powerful for our industry as it was for the PC industry.

If you think your firm fits the Convergent VAR model, let us know.